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2nd Anniversary As An Eighter

hisashiburi, friends,

friends, sorry, just for this time...
let me un-cut my journal, pleaseeee
it's my special entry for my special day

today, is my 2nd anniversary being an eighter!!
i'm posting poem to eito, and a little fan art ^ ^
thx for your excuse ♥

Title: Kanjani8 Juga Dukung KPK :P

two years ago, when i still knew nothing about you,
i kept blabbering

you're not the one i love
you're not my first love
how could i love and believe in you

you're not that cute, that's what i thought
you're not that great, that's also what i thought
you'd never reach my soul

i didn't know that KARMA is REAL

from Zukkoke to It's My Soul
i started to dig up, one day in October
day-by-day, and my feeling went bigger
how could i be so blind
to the happiness that's nearby
you've created so many songs for me and my accompanies
thank you songs which reach our ears
those kinds of melodies you send to us
re-paint monochrome back to rainbow

i thought you're too silly and pathetic
how was i to know that you'll be there to light up the dark
you'll be one who stops my cry
you'll be theone who changes me to abnormal

two years after two years ago
whic means now xD
i still here with you accompany me
the journey is not over
i haven't came to concerts that they called, "so fun!!"
someday, i'll be there
shouting your names...
but now

let's just aim for THREE~

-two years aiming forever eighter, ruth-
Tags: arts, eighters, eito and me, fanart, fandom, fanwork: poem, nikki

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